Saturday, December 26, 2009

best buy? really? this is a best buy?

got mini dv camcorder 3 years ago. got a macbook 2 years ago. got an iLink cable to connect the two, never ago. stopped camcordering due to the lack of cable. finally committed to obtaining the cable. checked amazon: $7.50. went to best buy: $33.00. left best buy. ebay: $2.97 w/ free shipping.

the name "best buy" is a completely misleading name bordering on false advertisment. i think i'll start calling them "jest buy". we'll see if if catches on.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

this was all a random accident?

hmm... really?

what the...? (continued)

and the song after the beer song was by a group called "the stoney boyz". that they used a "z" to pluralize the word "boy" is my personal assumption. if your personal assumption is that i immediately changed the station, you are correct. congratulations.

what the...?

i heard the dumbest song on the car radio tonight (our cd player is busted). it was so dumb i couldn't stop listening to it. it was about beer. here's the jist of what i remember...

lets drink a beer
it makes my mind so clear
it takes me away from here

and theres a verse about a guy being sad because he knows his girl is out sleeping with another guy so he puts his head in his pillow. then he calls his friends for sympathy but they end up telling him to meet them at the bar in 25 minutes because they just got their paychecks.

there are more jems but i just can't remember. depressing tale of a delusional alcoholic in denial. unintentional comedy at its finest. that it was a local "jawaiian" jam goes without saying... which i just said. AUWE!

Friday, December 18, 2009

i wonder who won?

photos of both fighters after the bout. "holy asknmcaewrnjceoijdscmslwoeiurnkclsz!!!" is an understatement. i've only lived in hilo for 1/3 of my life but can't get rid of that pesky hilo pride. i suppose the fact that it was the first 1/3 of my life makes it harder to shake. either way you philosophize it, i still like my face undestroyed.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

i can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

-Philippians 4:13

flashmob hula?

stop, thief!

on a recent chrismas shopping excursion, little jedidiah pilfered a tshirt. he mustve reached out of the front seat of the stroller and sticky-fingered it. when i got back to the minivan and reached down to pluck his little body from the stroller, he had it casually draped on his lap. daddy was a good example and we walked all the way back to the store to return the stolen merchandise. good times.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

the new vinsanity

vince carter was traded to the orlando magic this season. he has been known to be a "loser" in the sense that he is talented, but lacks that special something that wins championships. i think in over 10 years he's been to the playoffs just a few times. because of his athletic ability, his nickname is vinsanity. i thought it was a bold/odd move for orlando to acquire him, being that they made it to the nba finals last year.

i rarely watch regular season basketball, but i recently caught a few snippets of 2 games, both orlando coincidentally. vincey is a friggin ball hog. they have the most athletic big man (dwight howard) in the league and a true matchup nightmare in rashard lewis, but mr. carter insists on hoisting up low-percentage, mid-range garbage every time down the court. he doesn't even let them set up on offense! i was waiting for the commentators to say something about it but they never did.

vinsanity has a new meaning.

(in)security part deux

this guy is entertaining. not sure he's the most intelligent dude though. last night i learned a lot from and about him. here are some gems:

1. "okay, i'm a slight racist towards black people."

2. "when i moved here, i thought everybody was mean muggin me. not people like you, but the "darker ones". so i'd give 'em a mean look back. but then i realized they weren't mean muggin, thats just them."

3. "i was sorta disappointed that the guys out here didn't like to fight. they mostly talk sh*t like 'effin haole, effin haole' and they expect me to back down, but then i don't back down and then they go 'eff you eff you' and don't fight."

4. "when i drink i want action."

5. "i don't respect the guys in this company. they make me call 'em sarge and captain. this ain't the military. they're so serious, why don't they just become cops? do they like being disrespected and not having any power? after i get my degree i'm gonna be a cop, then to the feds... maybe US marshal, that'd be sick. my grandpa was a marshal. thats where i got my name. he wasn't nice. he was never around. he lost his wife. then got another one. she could cook. she was cool."

theres more but... maybe later.

turkey bowel 2009: the aftermath

totally underwhelming. no fights. no arguments. the usual annual jerk was pleasant. conclusion: i'm an old guy. i'm a young old guy, but still old. i could feel it in my lack of desire to compete, much less win. i spent my time on the field talking to myself and joking with the opposing players. the mentality was: if you're not obviously a lineman, you're a receiver. the problem was: this is hawaii, most men are not obviously linemen. so there we were, our team with 2 obvious linemen... and me, trying to block obvious linemen.

we played 2 games. the warm up game: first team with 3 touchdowns wins. that took like 1.5 hours. the second game ("the real game"), we played to 4 TDs. that lasted like 20 minutes, we got smoked. i didn't really play in that one... no one wanted to play the center position (the guy who hikes the ball) so i did it. while our team huddled and made "plans" i just stood at the line of scrimmage and made fun of myself with the other team. i did that a few times and lost interest. spent the rest of the game sitting on the water cooler.

it could be sour grapes or it could just be that i'm old. or both. or...

Monday, November 23, 2009

run DMC

the DeLorean. 80's kids know the deal. for more photos check the hundreds blog.

turkey bowl 2009

evey thanksgiving morning for the past, i would say, 5 years, our youth pastor has held an annual tackle football game. kids/men in church can invite whoever they want. i think i've attended all except one (last year) because my wife hates that i'm so pooped and out of commission for the rest of the day. since it's inauguration it has gained some steam and gotten bigger and bigger... this year we expect 75-100 people! usually we'd play like 20 on 20 full field, but last year it was too nuts and they had to run multiple games at once across the width of the field. this year there are rumors of 3 games going simultaneously!

testoterone is on full blast and things can get heated. dudes get chirpy and buttons get pushed. we'll see how it goes this year since i got the green light from wifey... should be fun, i heard some nutjobs are flying in from maui! other churches are bringing their best and my cousin in law and his little crew have been lifting weights and are ready to "lay some hammer." whatever, to be honest, most of these guys haven't played high school football even and are sorta living this one day fantasy.

i say i'm not gonna overdo it, but... i know how i can get. theres choke potential for me to go overboard trying to hold it down for the old guys. hopefully we all survive. pray for me!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

it's greek to me: the short version

i'm part of a group of (7) people who have to perform a 5 minute skit in a few weeks. we are responsible for making our own costumes and creating original material, except for the traditional greek christmas song which we must sing. have you ever tried to research this? seemed simple enough... go to youtube or google and search "greek christmas songs" right? wrong. i can find songs and video, but no translation... i can't tell what on earth they're saying, it's all mumbled and jumbled and bumbled and bambled! then when i find the transaltion from greek to english, it's spelled in greek, like the fraternity kine letters! how do you pronounce those symbols? i'm all like, whuuut?

now i'm thinking we should just fake it. did i mention we're competing against 11 other groups who are assigned different cultures/languages? are the judges really gonna know or do the legwork to find out the legitamacy of what we're singing?

fake or no fake?

Friday, November 13, 2009

the 19 year-old (in)security guard

i work at a hotel and at night we have one security guard who patrols several hotels. our newest guard, i don't even know his name, is in the building patrolling as i type. earlier this evening, in a very one-sided conversation, he explained to me his workout schedule, how he spent last nights shift "macking on" 3 australian chicks who said he was "so smooth", how pleasantly surprised he is that since being employed (3 weeks) as a security guard its lead to him being laid once "with more to come", and how he got drunk 2 nights ago and got kicked out of denny's.

muscles, macking, oofing, and drinking. maybe these stories are made up, maybe they aren't, but is it really appropriate to tell them to a stranger? i guess it is if you're insecure about yourself and think that these "accomplishments" will gain you some sort of wink-and-nod, invisible, man-pat-on-the-back. i'm not sure if there are any other circumstances under which it would be appropriate. maybe thats how 19 year-old dudes act these days. maybe its how they've always acted. in which case i'm old an out of touch, which isn't a bad feeling actually.

either way you slice it when the cookie is crubmling, this is like, my most favest blog title, like, ever.

mos def dropping a bit o' knowledge

this video posting is really not that hard. it makes me feel smart, which makes me feel dumb. anyway how can you not be a fan of this guy? see the whole shebang at

Sunday, November 8, 2009

metal mulisha: ronnie faisst

this is my first attempt at uploading video to this blog. did it work?

anyway ronnie faisst is a member of the metal mulisha, a small group of moto x riders who built a reputation on being over the top a-hole badasses. when i used to watch the x games i thought these guys were the worst. brian deegan ("the leader")eventually even started a brand out of it. due to circumstances larger than themselves they are now christian and God is turning the negative into a positive. go to to see the whole episode.

God is real.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

seth is 3

sethie lee turned 3 on sept. 30, 2009. here he is with his lightning mcqueen bday cake.

cardio shmardio

anybody watch TUF 10?

why can't these guys last 2 rounds? they all talk smack before the match and by the end of the fight they can't even stand up straight. 10 minutes of exertion can be taxing, but if this is your career, what the fooschnickens are you doing?

i rarely watch this show but tonight the hawaii guy was fighting and spike hyped it as the fight of the season so i tuned in. they punched each other pretty good but it was because they were both too tired to protect their faces with their arms/hands. i've seen more skills at a bar fight.

and hawaii man lost! so sad. i pau watch.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

where the wild things are: the review

my wife and i decided to take kaleb (10 years old) to see this thing today. while we were in the parking lot of the theatre looking for parking, kammy mentioned how long it had been since we forked out the cashola to actually see a real movie. at an actual theatre. priorities change when you start having kids.

so you've all heard the hype about spike jonze and the controversy about this film, the rave reviews by ctitics, the un-rave reviews by lay-parents, the beautiful cinematography, this that and the other thing... well for me... it was... confusing. not so much the movie itself as far as plot/story line, although it was a bit open-ended, but emotionally. i think it was confusing because its not what is expected (formulaically)... which is why i think people don't like it and why the studio didn't want to release the original version. the people who don't like it don't like it because they don't get it. they want a traditional movie experience. art farts will pretend to get it, but is there anything to "get" really? besides the huge risk jonze took and the huger risk the studio took? i think they did a great job marketing this thing though. building the hype, creating mystery and controversy so that people became so friggin curious about this enigmatic, cinematic "masterpiece" that they'd fork out their hard earned dough and have conversations in parking lots about the last time they'd seen the inside of a movie theatre.

after the "experience" we (the adults) were left scratching our heads while young kaleb blurted, "i liked it," oh so nonchalantly.

Friday, October 16, 2009

christian hosoi

i just watched "rising son" a documentary movie about the life of pro skater chrisitan hosoi. it was great. rent it, buy it, do what you gotta do... it's on netflix' s "watch now" list so you can just peep it on your computer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the meltdown

last night i played in a basketball league with a couple guys i know and a couple strangers. it was horrible. we were up by 20 or so at one point and ended up losing on a three pointer with 6 seconds left and no timeouts while the other team only had 4 players on the floor because two guys fouled out. it was a culmination of mental, situational, and strategical mistakes on our part coupled with a great execution of strategy by our opposition that caused the meltdown. lack of aggression and the inability to adapt our style of play was our downfall. it was my frustration and overcompensatory aggression that messed us up even more. i'm still mad.


men should not wear spandex unless as an undergarment. why is it necessary to wear that stuff to work out? to walk on a stairmaster or treadmill? no wind resistance there. fashion? yikes. chaffing? c'mon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

birds of a feather...

sometimes i wish i had a camera. then i could capture some photos and post them here like every other blogger. the reason why i say this is because a few days ago within two minutes of each other i saw... let me explain.

two girls: dyed black hair, large framed shades, tatoos on their arms, tank tops, shorts and slippers. i assume that they were friends because their faces didn't look alike.

then 2 minutes later

two guys (i'm pretty sure these guys were a gay couple): crew cuts, same style facial hair, same color hair, same muscular build, tight tanktops, short athletic shorts, sneakers.

it made me think... are people attracted to other people romantically or not because we assume that fashion is an extension of ourselves OR do we tend to move in the same fashion direction as our friends as a consequence of our romantic/platonic growth? its probably none and i'm just overthinking this way to hard.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

kenzil edwards...

... is a great human. he has great rants. here's one:

rant 1: "degeneration"
he suggests that society has degenerated to epic... or unepic proportions based on his observation of spinoff reality tv shows. in particular, vh1's triple spinoff. flava flav gets on the celebrity d-list version of the real world. he gets a spinoff dating show. the runner-up in that show gets a spinoff of her own with the exact same premise. in her show the two finalists get their own spinoff with the exact same premise and is currently on vh1. according to him, with each successive spinoff, the ghettoness has increased to the point where he considers it unwatchable. please note that he is a black man and that all main "characters" in these programs are also black. it embarrasses him.

rant 2: "violence induced amnesia?"
chris brown was recently on larry king live, where he declared that he doesn't remember "savagely beating rihanna." kenzil suggests several reasons for this: 1) he was so into it, so enraged that he blacked out. 2) he doesn't agree with the adjective, "savage". 3) he's lying. these are all not good for mr. brown. kenzil also was embarrassed for brown because he brought his mom on the show and she ended up crying a lot. kenzil thinks it's inevitable that chris brown will be torn to shreds by comedians for a long time. as a black man, kenzil is embarrassed.

modern day parable: opinion vs truth

due to frivilous spending a woman racks up $50,000 in credit card debts. a wealthy man finds out about this debt through a mutual friend and writes the woman, whom he has never met, a check for $50,000. the friend tells the woman about the man and hands her the check. although she has the check with the man's name printed on it, and their mutual friend is as trustworthy as can be, the woman never cashes the check because she doesn't believe that a stranger would really do something that nice for her. she tucks the check away and convinces herself that this never happened.

the same is that of those who refuse the salvation of Jesus Christ. just because i don't believe someone did something for me doesn't make it untrue.

faith vs insanity

is it crazy to believe in a God you can't "see" or is it crazy not to?

notepad vs memory

i need a notepad... or three. i get these great ideas for blogs, then i forget them. it's frustrating. is it old age? is my life that busy that i can't remember interesting yet unimportant information? i need a notepad.

Friday, August 28, 2009

what are ribs for?

i received a second hand wife beater a few days ago. it was given to me by my sister. it belonged to her boyfriend. he planned to throw it away, i presume, because they were headed to the airport and he didn't have room for it in his luggage/bags. it's a small item and could've easily been stuffed somewhere so maybe there's another reason. anyway, i looked at it and it wasn't "ribbed" like most wife beaters i've seen. it looked girlish and smooth. i washed it and tried it on. wow. nice. soft. cumfy. it's lack of "ribs" made it smooth and i then i wondered why all wife beaters weren't like this and questioned the purpose of "ribs". i realized my preconception that all wife beaters had to be ribbed and was disappointed at my lack of open-mindedness and in-the-box thinking. why did i think it was girly at first glance? are "ribs" inherently masculine? if anyone knows the actual purpose of those "ribs" i would love to know.

and if anyone is wondering why on earth i'd wear another mans undergarment... it makes me feel close to him.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

rick ross vs murs

let me just say that i'm not a huge fan of over-the-top gangsta rap. hip-hop is inherently braggadocious (sp?) which i understand, but some dudes take it so far it becomes unintentionally funny. for instance, rick ross. my first encounter with ricky was while i was in hilo, at my dad's house, in the wee hours of the morning, on mtv or mtv2. i guess mtv has a show where an artist gets an hour or so to play whatever videos they want (usually they're favorites) and they explain the video, why they like it etc. anyway mr. ross was on and what i noticed first was his pendant - it was a golden rick ross head dangling from his neck, right below his actual head. absurd! it was like a bearded buddha. so he plays his faves, which all feature him of course, and i just could not believe it. money, girls, guns to the extreme... it was total fantasy to the point where if someone told me that this was a parody on gangsta rap, i would've bought it. rap skills? well below average. some of these videos looked real expensive and i wondered who was funding it and why would a person buy this music. if you're wondering why i kept watching the show it's because i couldn't stop watching... like the way people watch faces of death. part disbelief, part disgust, part funny.

so anyway, about murs. he's a LA rapper (livin legends crew) who is pretty much the complete opposite of ross. he has a song called "can it be" which is pretty good. rick ross bites the beat then pulls a gayball move and disses murs on the track! this led to a murs comeback song/video, but that's off topic.

now i was on's blog the other day and someone posted a rick ross video where one of ross' "friends," the guy who spits the third verse, is a murs look-a-like! he's a gangsterized version... with the crazy dreadlocks and everything! needless to say, the song is classically and predictably crappy, but i couldn't believe it and i'm still not sure what to make of it. sadness? yes. i feel sad for hip-hop.

Friday, July 17, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

"The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth forever; forsake not the works of thine own hands."

-Psalm 138:8


i saw an interview clip of some dance choreographers on the show "so you think you can dance" and what they said caused me to make a comparison to another reality/talent competition show, "the ultimate fighter."

here's what they said, unverbatim: "the level of dancer this year is so high now in the fifth season. they know so much more and want to learn, so it makes it easier for us."

let it be known that i can't dance. nor fight. when i see some of the stuff those dancers gotta do and learn in one week... it's up to 2 dances for the show and one group performance. whaaaaaaat!!!? not to mention the dance style switch up monkeywrench. lordy.

dancing and fighting. is the connection obvious? so i was thinking that obviously some of these dancers must train in different styles throughout the year leading up to the audition so that if they get put on, they have some basic knowledge of more than just... ballet for instance, y'know to give them the best shot at winning. they have to right? you can't convince me that these buggers can switch styles like that on the fly. no way. so thats the connection with TUF. the adoption of different styles/techniques/disciplines in one mind, one body. of course you can't choreograph a friggin fight, but to be most effective, an understanding of a mix of different martial arts (offensive and defensive) usually provides a fighter the best chance of not getting knocked/choked out. maybe they should have a show called "so you think you can scrap."

did any of this make sense?

Friday, July 10, 2009


who are you? it's weird and exciting to log on and see a "4th" follower.... ren, cass and trav, meet kaycee.

back in the day, like 5 years ago on myspace i had this awesome group of bloggers called "blog it up!"... friends of friends of friends (stangers really) and we actually would get together and meet in person and do stuff. it was fun and dork-worthy. i quit myspace cold turkey, though and since then it has become what it has become. do i miss it? not really, but seeing kaycee reminds me a little of that era.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

-Luke 9:24


"... i think (home)cooking is gonna die out in 2-3 generations."
- maurice the waikiki postman on the ever increasing pace of life.

"i love normal stuff."
- nick cannon as host of americas got talent on a the eriam sisters and their parents.

-tony the tiger on frosted flakes.

MJ-ed out

i can't take it anymore. the media... they just... i can't take it. i just feel bad for the guy. he was a genius in many ways and like many geniuses, was eccentric. he was chastised by the media for those eccentricities. they focused on his "weirdness" which was obviously caused by childhood abuse inflicted by his father. they tried to figure MJ out when what they really shoulda did, if they really wanted to understand him, was go interview his dad - ask that guy some tough questions. interview the siblings. find out what caused him to be the way he was. after watching some of the old interviews they've been showing, it's clear to me that MJ, because of his extraordinary life (which was almost out of his control because of his genius), was a complex personality on the surface but simple person on the inside, whose outward appearance was just a manifestation of inner pain. his billions of fans got it, yet the media never did, or didn't want to admit that they did. his funeral celebration was just a media cease-fire and now it's on again with the custody issues. auwe! i'm not tuning in... their family business is none of mine. MJ, i hope you're resting in peace.

have a nice day!

i'm not a pro blogger. i don't have an slr camera. i don't even own a digital camera, really. i wish i had one today though... i'll try to paint a mento picture for you.

remember in forest gump, when he's running across america and a truck splashes mud all over his face, then some dude gives him a yellow tshirt, which he uses to wipe the mud and when forest hands the tshirt back to the guy he says, "have a nice day," and there's a smiley face mud imprint/stencil on the shirt?

okay, today we were driving along the ala wai and some lady wearing a heather grey tshirt was walking on the sidewalk with a backpack slung over her right shoulder. her back was sweaty, which is understandable since honolulu is a hot and humid city, but what made me stare, then laugh as we rolled by is that the sweat marks formed a happy face. there were two spots near her shoulder blades, and a long "smile" at her waistline!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


as a younger man i didn't think i 'd have kids until i was in my forties. not because i wasn't a fan of children, but because i assumed i wouldn't be mature enough to handle child-raising until then. it was a logical yet totally illogical. so far the fun has outweighed the headaches, but stay tuned for the teen-years blog. be warned, if you're gonna have 'em, please (do the world a favor) be married and stay married.

tree of um

finally, a photo. was it worth the wait? sorry bout the lag, it was so frustrating trying to load pics that i said, "i'm over this!" but now i'm un-over it, i guess. so yeah, enjoy... i'll try to do this more often.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Negativity: It's Contagious

this blog is about the complaining - the worst aspect of negativity. at work, a lady's toilet overflows so i send someone to fix it and another person to clean it. they do their jobs to her satisfaction but complains the whole time and even after the cleanup is comlpeted. the guy who cleaned it up reports to me (mind you this is an older gentleman who is honestly one of the nicest perople i know) and complains about her. i assure him that it is not his fault, that she is a "complainer" who has already complained about other issues and who, i suspect at this point, actually enjoys complaining. she caused an accident, we cleaned it up - end of story. but he continues, in his upsetness, to complain and complain very animatedly. it was so out of character for him, its like her kooties jumped on him. or more like her bad vibes and spirit jumped in him because it was coming from the inside, out.

watch out for those complainers, man, watch out.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

trav says:

Hey Vajayjay

Hows the Hilo family doing? Hope the trip was fun!  Sorry took so long to reply, I just got internet yesterday.

L.A. is alright.  I thought it was going to be a bit of a culture shock but it's not that much different than Hawaii
However, there seems to be an abundance or surplus of Mexicans here, Diga me! muy bien!  Warren and Pisha were like why are there so many of them just hanging outside of Home Depot.

I just checked out your blog, its an eye grabber.

Hugs and Kisses!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the movie critic

what i hate about movies... or maybe the way i watch movies, is how one hint if incredibility can ruin the whole movie for me. i saw batman begins on dvd last night. its pretty good. not as good as the dark knight mainly because heath ledger isn't in it, but whatever. so here's my beef, let me know if i'm being to critical...

bruce wayne meets lucious fox and "borrows" a prototype chest armor thing that is bullet proof and yada yada yada. in the train/subway scene, rachel accidentally tasers batman but its rendered useless because, of course, hes wearing the armor. later in the movie, batman gets into an obligatory fist fight with the scarecrow, who is not a superhero at all mind you, hes a nerd basically, who invented a neurotoxin-hallucinogen gas thing. anyway in the fight, batman is affected by body blows. he grunts and flops around like a stomach punch from a nerd really hurts even though hes wearing the armor. huh?

Hilo ramblings: part 1

spent 5 days there, just got back on tuesday morning... nice trip. voggy as hell. on the one day where the sky was blue we went to the beach - onekahakaha for those who know. hadn't been there since i was like 5 years old. crowded... i mean it was packed! couldn't help thinking about how much of the water was actually sea water if you know what i mean. wanted to take photos, but camera, no batteries. what i noticed was that on the surface, in passing, casually, hiloans are really friendly people. smiles everywhere, not like honolulu. i say "on the surface" because i know that hilo can be, for lack of a more tactful word, scandalous. in line at ross', the lady in front of me was telling the ladies in front of her about her divorce - her husband "fooled around" and "wanted out." right there in a discount department store, no shame, so casual. another thing i noticed was that i was drawn to move back there. one thing that worries me about doing that, more than a job, or the vog, or the rain, or the lack of family entertainment venues, is getting "caught up." it's weird. this is not the diary-like blog i had intended. kaleb loves it there and wants to move. i asked him why and he said, "because i can play outside all day." true. makiki living is not conducive to outdoor activities. he actually learned to ride a bike... at 10 years old!

here are some of the main reasons i'd like to move back:
1. we have land to build a house.
2. i'd love to see my brother and sister grow up, participate in their lives a little.
3. the grandparents are getting older and i'd like to spend as much time with them as possible.
4. so kaleb can play outside all day.

one more thing i noticed is not just that everyone in hilo has a nice big yard, by honozoolu standards, but that 99% of the yards are well-groomed and nicely landscaped. my theory is that 1. people actually take pride in their property and 2. the pace of life is such that one can maintain a large property without feeling rushed or stressed or feel the need to procrastinate because of some other, more pressing issue.

maybe it's this pace that causes/affects both handsome properties AND the movie-worthy scandals. hmm.

oh let me tell you about my boy seth. this kid is a soldier. he's a warrior. a champ. or maybe he has no pain receptors. the night we arrive(thursday), he's off playing in my sister's room and messes with a mirror... those sorta full length ones that get mounted on walls. apparently this ones not so well-mounted and it crashes onto his face. i guess the frame of it bashed his mouth and caused his teeth to gash open his inner lip. it was bad. i had to stop myself from panicking. but as soon as we got the bleeding to stop he was fine. the next morning we woke up and looked at it and it was worse-looking aka gross. the gash was full of white stuff and it was more swollen... we took him to the hospital it was so bad-looking. but the docs said they don't stitch anything inside the mouth and so all we could to was montior it, wash it out with salt water a few times a day and so we did. you would think that salt water would sting an open wound like that, but seth was more irritated by the taste than anything. soldier. by monday, just 4 days later, when we asked to check it, he wouldn't let us. he insisted that it was "all pau, daddy." warrior. today, not even a week later, it looks like a coldsore. thats it. done. now i cannot fail to mention God in all of this. sethie handled the pain, but we prayed and prayed for his healing - a quick recovery and no infections... the mouth can be a dirty place. anyway i can't explain it. i've been stitched up many times and even with the stitches it's taken longer to heal than a week. if the cut was on his forehead he would've definitely needed stitches. so thank God that everything worked out and for blessing us with such an awesome little bugger who takes a lot of the stress out of child-raising. for visual reference, see the "sayonara" entry, hes the brown haired one (2.5 years old).

this is long, i'll stop now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CRIBS: the hilo house

the lanai
the backyard
the front yard
the side yard

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


travis asada has left the building. last friday he moved to LA to work on building an animation portfolio. aloha, trav!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your ind, that ye may prove waht is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2


thass rye, izz hilotime. gonna go dea fo de figh day. see de famlee. gonna poota de pickcha onna heea wenna getta back home.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

... "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." - Jesus

2 Corinthians 12:9


ever hear people say this?

wheres the atm machine?

baseball player x had 2 rbi's

it's 9pm at night.


uncomon sense

a man experiences chest pain and blurred vision so he goes to the hospital.

diagnosis: clogged arteries.
treatment: angioplasty.
recovery: 2 months off of work, low-cholesterol diet, rest

after one month he visits his doctor, who tells him that his recovery is going well and that, "he can do whatever he wants now." when the man gets home from seeing the doc, he straps on some shoes and goes jogging. he jogs until he's winded, then stops to rest. then he runs some more until he needs more rest. by the time he gets home from his little run his vision is blurry and he can barely bend over to untie his shoes. oh, did i mention that prior to his angioplasty his level of exercise was... none/zero.

i wish this story wasn't true.

in stitches

"he looked like a drug addict with a new computer program." - preacher chris harvey on ron takashima's behavior after realizing that he had squished mr. harvey's fingers in the car window.

chris harvey is an aussie preacher living in texas and is on oahu this weekend speaking at our church. he is ridiculous. he roasted uncle ron about this incident for 10-15 minutes non-stop... in church! i was cry-laughing. i saw aunty debbie massaging her jaw in between one-liners.

Friday, May 15, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

... but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope

Romans 5: 3-4

reverse stupidity

i am asian. 75% japanese, 25% chinese... supposedly. recently there have been some unfounded disputations to my blood quantum that have caused me to question my own complete asian-ness. i say all this, to say this: what really chaffs my scrotizzums is when asian people, japanese-americans particularly, from california more specifically, mispronounce their own names!

scenario: me - hotel worker (front desk). lady (white) approaches and says "cannamine." i assume this is her last name and i also assume it is italian-ish. i look through the registration cards... no dice. her husband appears beside her and i realize whats going on. he is hapa. his last name is kanamine.

what goes through my mind: okay... does he just let her say it like that? does he say it like that? does he know that she says it like that? maybe where she's from it's easier to just say it like that because mainlanders are ethnically clueless.

by trying to help me, she actually didn't help me.

Friday, May 8, 2009


i've been pondering 2 things/issues independently and came to realize that both involve kanye west and american idol. what that says about me i'm not quite sure but it is what it is. the connection, i'm sure, would never have been made without the invention of the blog. these issues, which will be revealed shortly, have been thorns in my brain and i would think to myself, if i had a blog i'd friggin blog about that. and if i had a blog i'd friggin blog about that too!. anyway, without further ado-doo...

issue 1: black men x skinny jeans
i don't get this collabo. chris brown popped my bm x sj cherry when i saw him on tv at some awards show. he was rockin a black pair. then i witnessed kanyes urban cowboy all demin get-up when he performed on american idol. i get that skinny jeans are "in". and i get that men in the rap/r&b music industry (many of whom are black) are... "gangster-ish" or "urban" or "from the inner city". whatever. what i don't get is why (especially these guys) they'd try to chase of follow the fad, but hold on to their pants-saggin' persona. if you're gonna rock the sj's you gotta wear em right. saggin' the sj's look plain ridiculous. the point could be made that their butts are too big. or too high. both good points, but then again, no man with a big/high butt should be wearing skinny jeans!

issue 2: the neo zapp & roger genre
what on earth is going on? t-pain blew it up. then kanye. now jaime foxx? we've really dumbed down as a nation when kids buy crap/music that isn't even the person's real voice. i get that t-pain had his run. and i get that kanye can't sing. but jaime foxx? jaime foxx!!? again, i was watching american idol when i heard him singing his new release... i guess its a song about alcohol. i kept thinking that electronic crap was gonna cut off at some point, but it never did. i was amazed. i sat there thinking this guy is supposed to be a genius, right? the acting, the piano stuff, the singing. this dude can really sing. who told him this was a good idea and why did he listen? and why is he singing about alcohol? is he singing about alcohol? whats he saying? its like if eminem started rapping like fred durst or kid rock just because rap-rock was "in".

maybe what bothers me is the sellout-ness of it all. and if you wanna know who's gonna win second place in this years american idol, its adam lambert. the last two years the person i picked to win came in second. so there.