Thursday, April 29, 2010

zooagain 3

local kids are the most beautiful. the mixture of race with the easy-going demeanor... buttahz.

zooagain 2: more shaka sightings!

zooagain 1

we went to the zoo AGAIN with some friends and their kids. the animals were hungry... for some camera time! usually they act all lazy and apathetic, but on this day they were on fire hammin' in up! especially the tigers... we were checking them out and this zoo worker pulled up on his golf cart and started lurking around trying to get their attention. it worked. they got all agitated as you can see in the photos, their eyes got focused and they were ready to pounce. then the guy hopped back on his cart and told the tigers he had to get back to work.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UTSC: part 2

who says homeschool kids are socially retarded? my kids make friends like its goin' outta style!

Monday, April 26, 2010

uncle tom's surf cabin: part 1

kammy's friend valerie had a baby shower yesterday at uncle tom's house in kahala. he and his housemates throw all kinds of parties there.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

uncle gordon & aunty kay

every year each legislator is responsible for providing a person to open the legislative day in a prayer, or invocation. last year i did it and was asked to do it this year, but i deferred to uncle gordon, the only other christian man i know in our family. he and aunty kay are the cutest most affectionate couple i've ever been around. it's too bad they never had any kids... they would be some good-looking hapa kids fo shua.

uncle gordon has been uncle gordon to me... just my grandpa's little brother... just an old guy. but whenever i'm around him people treat him like some sort of legendary being, like their in the presence of greatness. at the invocation, this hawaiian man in his 60's was working at the capitol and realized that gordon chang was in the house. he told us that uncle was his football coach and his typing teacher at hilo high. "i feared him walking down the hall," he said, "but i respected him." when we were leaving the man went on and on about how he wishes that he is in such good health when he's uncle's age and all these other flattering things... basically he was saying, "when i grow up i wanna be just like you." uncle gordon turned a 65 year old man into a teenager. the guy looked like he was going to cry.

at one of dad's fundraisers, the mayor of honolulu turned to putty when he saw uncle gordon. "coach!" he screamed and gave uncle a huge hug. on the same night a middle aged hilo high grad admitted being so jealous of uncle for marrying aunty kay.

uncle gordon was a beast. as a 9th grader he was the biggest, most athletically gifted football player at hilo high school. he was so good that honolulu private school iolani recruited the outer island boy, which i think they had never done before. they flew him to the city and paid for his accommodations at a nice hotel. that's all i really know. i think that's all i really need to know. he became an educator and coach and married what i can only imagine was the hottest mama in town.

in dad's office after the invocation, they were telling football stories and dad brought up the leather helmets uncle used and how mouthpieces weren't invented yet and how illegal hits today was proper tackling form back then. "oh yeah," uncle said, "bloody mouth all the time. if you didn't have bloody mouth you weren't playing football." beastly.

oh and another funny thing he said... "wow, your dad is bigger than me now. he was such a runt. so skinny."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the haler's: part 3

the haler's: part 2

gigantic hammock, 2 treehouses, trampoline, rope bridge across the river, teatherball, chinup bars... and the animals - geese, silky chickens, fish, ducks, dogs, pigeons!

LWLH: the haler's house, waimanalo HI

this is the craziest house/zoo i've ever seen. it's like this huge, jungle circus place. the haler's are part of a homeschool co-op we're a part of and they throw little parties for special occasions. kids love it. adults too.