Thursday, October 28, 2010

the life and times of seth chang

how many levels of humor?

i come home from work one evening and kaleb tells me there a surprise on my bed. yes, it was surprising.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy birthday, larry!

larry and kennesha had us over to celebrate his 31st birthday. they set up 2 bouncers in the back yard and let the kids go at it! guys watched football inside and the ladies... they weren't inside. but after the cake and ice cream it was on! we brought this corny new wii game "just dance 2" and its real funny. you mimic the dancing image on the tv... classic! i had to leave early so these are photos kammy took. fyi: hickam afb is a confusing place. make sure you get good directions entering and leaving.

Friday, October 22, 2010

ever wonder why homeless folks smell like pee?

i do. i've thought about it probably more than i should, actually. really, who does that? me.

i was walking to work thru kalakaua park in waikiki today and that old urine smell attacked my nostrils. there was a man dressed like a genie mumbling to the invisible person who'd rubbed his lamp in the park bench closest to me. as i approached him i assumed the odor was his, but as i passed by him the smell did not relent. i quickly took notice of the wind direction, and indeed he was not upwind from me. the culprit: a "person" on another bench stoking its hair. da shmell was hauna to da mostest.

so why do they smell like pee? here's what i came up with:
1. accumilation. an accumilation of trace amounts of pee over time that never get washed off. doesn't seem forensically likely.

2. laziness. too lazy to pull down their pants. eff it, i ain't tryna impress nobody, i'm peein' in my pants. possible, but probably a result of an underlying issue.

3. craziness. the underlying issue. no sense of decency. illogical behavior.

so after much thought, the conclusion i've come up with is that i'll never know why crazy people do what they do because their behavior is illogical. and i'm sure there are more than one reason why someone pees on themselves. like, "i had to. the guy who rubbed my lamp wished me to!"

Monday, October 18, 2010

st louis vs punahou

ScoringLive - FB: Punahou vs. St. Louis from ScoringLive on Vimeo.

leland had another big game this weekend against punahou. interception and return for 45 yards. they won 42-7 i think. the week before against iolani he had an interception for touchdown. kammy said she almost cried when he pointed to his fam (us) in the stands. she's real proud.

the video is an older regular season game. he had an interception in that one too, check the 0:40 mark and notice the point to the fam.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

driveby shooting

before you get to beautiful yokohama beach, theres this stretch of land that... well... is crazy. makeshift shanties and converted vehicles along the side of the road partially hidden in the brush. i can't even imagine what goes on there. it was scary just driving by so i just stuck the camera out the window and got what i could.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

clouds and cameras

i'm into clouds. ko olina had nice ones. my wife gives me the "get away from me you mento" look whenever i notice interesting formations in the sky. the only camera we have is a $50 sanyo. the aperture doesn't adjust at all, it's just 0-infinity everytime. wimpy zoom too and not the widest angle, but it captures moments. i'd like a legit camera to record all the crazy cloud action hawaii has to offer.

more anniversary picks

we drove as far as you can go on the west side - yokohama's... it was my first time out that far. it was beautiful as you can see, but it was a little odd too. after driving through waianae, a locals only town, and passing the homeless encampments in the bushes beside the road, the beach was clean and there were haoles everywhere. they were probably military folks, but it was such a stark contrast to what my mind had been expecting that it shocked me. anyway the place reminded me of polihale, which also happens to be at the very west end of kauai.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

little late

after 4 years of cohabitation seth asked me, "whats that?" pointing to the tattoo on my hip. he honestly had never noticed it. i wasn't sure what to make of it.

5 year anniversary

on sept 23rd kammy and i made 5 years! we celebrated a week later and left for ko olina the day after seth's birthday. lucky we live hawaii!

Monday, October 4, 2010

happy birthday, seth!

little sethie turned 4 on sept. 30th! we celebrated with family at chuck e cheese's. he's over lightning mcqueen and has moved onto bumblebee from transformers so you can imagine his stokedness on the birthday cake. interesting kid this seth, he was content to just eat a piece of cheese pizza walk around with papa dale for a little while and open gifts. he sat patiently in front of his cake and waited for everyone to finish doing their things. most kids would go nuts playing games and gorge on sodas and embrace their day as THEIR day. he was very calm and aloof. good times.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

leland gomez - #3

kammys nephew leland plays football for st louis high school. it was an odd feeling cheering for an ILH (private) school, especially the most successful football program in the states history. the third photo is of kammys brother johhny and his wife jean - leland's parents.

leland is an interesting kid. super focused with great foresight. he went to st louis to play soccer - he's got college potential and has travelled the world with his club team. he's usually the youngest on the team and usually one of the best. last year was his first experience playing football and now he's a starting DB on one of the best teams in the state. pretty talented.