Thursday, September 30, 2010

a clip that vimeo likes

IRC dance movement from . on Vimeo.

this is beautiful to me. location, music, editing, simplicity, complexity, ethnicity, cinematography, hiphoposity... and i love the end graphic of the spray can, record, shoe and mic.

watch it full screen for full effect.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

hilo day trippin again: da armory

on my little trip i watched jacie's volleyball game at the armory. the armory is a giant quonset hut... da buggah is hot in dea! i've played countless basketball games in there as a kid and it's where my elementary school used to have may days. everything is the same except the floor, that's new. it used to be dark brown wood with dead spots, probably from termites. that 7up clock on the wall must be 30 years old!

in the last photo, see number 25? that's one of jacie's best friends waihilo... she is a BEAST! obviously the best player on the floor in this game, she's been starting on the varsity squad since she was a freshman. her stats in this game must've been crazy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hilo day trippin again: friends & fam

1. mimakis
2. patrick talich
3. jacie & mama gay

i visited with these folks. pretty efficient for a 24 hour trip. plus i took an agility test, went to a meeting, picked up mochi, watched a volleyball game...

Friday, September 17, 2010

stuntkid for hire

18 months old
20 inches tall
22 lbs
(all measurements approximate)

mixed race ancestralness

doesn't mind headbutting chairs with eyelids, jumping teethfirst into metal poles, any sort of pro wrestling moves are possible.

will work for food. veggies okay.

hollerback for more info...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hilo day trippin': hana hou edition

went back to hilo for a day again. took choke pictures from the car... for some reason i found myself doing things i never do when i drive in honolulu. i was on the phone, texting, taking photos out the window... i would catch myself doing something stupid and have to force myself to stop. anyway...

1. mauna loa from the puainako bypass. i actually pulled over to take this one.
2. its voting season! weird and familiar are what i felt seeing these signs all over town.
3. common sight in hilo town. i was gonna try to take as many pics of big trucks as i could and make a blog out of it, but it got too dangerous. i'd of got in a wreck for sure. and i was parked when i took this one (in front of two ladies kitchen. whutup garrett?!).

Friday, September 3, 2010

random photos: roll 131

1. sethie dance!
2. team uyeda
3. jed rockin' out
4. kam's bday at tsukiji market
5. ala moana beach park