Friday, July 17, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

"The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth forever; forsake not the works of thine own hands."

-Psalm 138:8


i saw an interview clip of some dance choreographers on the show "so you think you can dance" and what they said caused me to make a comparison to another reality/talent competition show, "the ultimate fighter."

here's what they said, unverbatim: "the level of dancer this year is so high now in the fifth season. they know so much more and want to learn, so it makes it easier for us."

let it be known that i can't dance. nor fight. when i see some of the stuff those dancers gotta do and learn in one week... it's up to 2 dances for the show and one group performance. whaaaaaaat!!!? not to mention the dance style switch up monkeywrench. lordy.

dancing and fighting. is the connection obvious? so i was thinking that obviously some of these dancers must train in different styles throughout the year leading up to the audition so that if they get put on, they have some basic knowledge of more than just... ballet for instance, y'know to give them the best shot at winning. they have to right? you can't convince me that these buggers can switch styles like that on the fly. no way. so thats the connection with TUF. the adoption of different styles/techniques/disciplines in one mind, one body. of course you can't choreograph a friggin fight, but to be most effective, an understanding of a mix of different martial arts (offensive and defensive) usually provides a fighter the best chance of not getting knocked/choked out. maybe they should have a show called "so you think you can scrap."

did any of this make sense?

Friday, July 10, 2009


who are you? it's weird and exciting to log on and see a "4th" follower.... ren, cass and trav, meet kaycee.

back in the day, like 5 years ago on myspace i had this awesome group of bloggers called "blog it up!"... friends of friends of friends (stangers really) and we actually would get together and meet in person and do stuff. it was fun and dork-worthy. i quit myspace cold turkey, though and since then it has become what it has become. do i miss it? not really, but seeing kaycee reminds me a little of that era.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

-Luke 9:24


"... i think (home)cooking is gonna die out in 2-3 generations."
- maurice the waikiki postman on the ever increasing pace of life.

"i love normal stuff."
- nick cannon as host of americas got talent on a the eriam sisters and their parents.

-tony the tiger on frosted flakes.

MJ-ed out

i can't take it anymore. the media... they just... i can't take it. i just feel bad for the guy. he was a genius in many ways and like many geniuses, was eccentric. he was chastised by the media for those eccentricities. they focused on his "weirdness" which was obviously caused by childhood abuse inflicted by his father. they tried to figure MJ out when what they really shoulda did, if they really wanted to understand him, was go interview his dad - ask that guy some tough questions. interview the siblings. find out what caused him to be the way he was. after watching some of the old interviews they've been showing, it's clear to me that MJ, because of his extraordinary life (which was almost out of his control because of his genius), was a complex personality on the surface but simple person on the inside, whose outward appearance was just a manifestation of inner pain. his billions of fans got it, yet the media never did, or didn't want to admit that they did. his funeral celebration was just a media cease-fire and now it's on again with the custody issues. auwe! i'm not tuning in... their family business is none of mine. MJ, i hope you're resting in peace.

have a nice day!

i'm not a pro blogger. i don't have an slr camera. i don't even own a digital camera, really. i wish i had one today though... i'll try to paint a mento picture for you.

remember in forest gump, when he's running across america and a truck splashes mud all over his face, then some dude gives him a yellow tshirt, which he uses to wipe the mud and when forest hands the tshirt back to the guy he says, "have a nice day," and there's a smiley face mud imprint/stencil on the shirt?

okay, today we were driving along the ala wai and some lady wearing a heather grey tshirt was walking on the sidewalk with a backpack slung over her right shoulder. her back was sweaty, which is understandable since honolulu is a hot and humid city, but what made me stare, then laugh as we rolled by is that the sweat marks formed a happy face. there were two spots near her shoulder blades, and a long "smile" at her waistline!