Saturday, November 28, 2009

the new vinsanity

vince carter was traded to the orlando magic this season. he has been known to be a "loser" in the sense that he is talented, but lacks that special something that wins championships. i think in over 10 years he's been to the playoffs just a few times. because of his athletic ability, his nickname is vinsanity. i thought it was a bold/odd move for orlando to acquire him, being that they made it to the nba finals last year.

i rarely watch regular season basketball, but i recently caught a few snippets of 2 games, both orlando coincidentally. vincey is a friggin ball hog. they have the most athletic big man (dwight howard) in the league and a true matchup nightmare in rashard lewis, but mr. carter insists on hoisting up low-percentage, mid-range garbage every time down the court. he doesn't even let them set up on offense! i was waiting for the commentators to say something about it but they never did.

vinsanity has a new meaning.

(in)security part deux

this guy is entertaining. not sure he's the most intelligent dude though. last night i learned a lot from and about him. here are some gems:

1. "okay, i'm a slight racist towards black people."

2. "when i moved here, i thought everybody was mean muggin me. not people like you, but the "darker ones". so i'd give 'em a mean look back. but then i realized they weren't mean muggin, thats just them."

3. "i was sorta disappointed that the guys out here didn't like to fight. they mostly talk sh*t like 'effin haole, effin haole' and they expect me to back down, but then i don't back down and then they go 'eff you eff you' and don't fight."

4. "when i drink i want action."

5. "i don't respect the guys in this company. they make me call 'em sarge and captain. this ain't the military. they're so serious, why don't they just become cops? do they like being disrespected and not having any power? after i get my degree i'm gonna be a cop, then to the feds... maybe US marshal, that'd be sick. my grandpa was a marshal. thats where i got my name. he wasn't nice. he was never around. he lost his wife. then got another one. she could cook. she was cool."

theres more but... maybe later.

turkey bowel 2009: the aftermath

totally underwhelming. no fights. no arguments. the usual annual jerk was pleasant. conclusion: i'm an old guy. i'm a young old guy, but still old. i could feel it in my lack of desire to compete, much less win. i spent my time on the field talking to myself and joking with the opposing players. the mentality was: if you're not obviously a lineman, you're a receiver. the problem was: this is hawaii, most men are not obviously linemen. so there we were, our team with 2 obvious linemen... and me, trying to block obvious linemen.

we played 2 games. the warm up game: first team with 3 touchdowns wins. that took like 1.5 hours. the second game ("the real game"), we played to 4 TDs. that lasted like 20 minutes, we got smoked. i didn't really play in that one... no one wanted to play the center position (the guy who hikes the ball) so i did it. while our team huddled and made "plans" i just stood at the line of scrimmage and made fun of myself with the other team. i did that a few times and lost interest. spent the rest of the game sitting on the water cooler.

it could be sour grapes or it could just be that i'm old. or both. or...

Monday, November 23, 2009

run DMC

the DeLorean. 80's kids know the deal. for more photos check the hundreds blog.

turkey bowl 2009

evey thanksgiving morning for the past, i would say, 5 years, our youth pastor has held an annual tackle football game. kids/men in church can invite whoever they want. i think i've attended all except one (last year) because my wife hates that i'm so pooped and out of commission for the rest of the day. since it's inauguration it has gained some steam and gotten bigger and bigger... this year we expect 75-100 people! usually we'd play like 20 on 20 full field, but last year it was too nuts and they had to run multiple games at once across the width of the field. this year there are rumors of 3 games going simultaneously!

testoterone is on full blast and things can get heated. dudes get chirpy and buttons get pushed. we'll see how it goes this year since i got the green light from wifey... should be fun, i heard some nutjobs are flying in from maui! other churches are bringing their best and my cousin in law and his little crew have been lifting weights and are ready to "lay some hammer." whatever, to be honest, most of these guys haven't played high school football even and are sorta living this one day fantasy.

i say i'm not gonna overdo it, but... i know how i can get. theres choke potential for me to go overboard trying to hold it down for the old guys. hopefully we all survive. pray for me!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

it's greek to me: the short version

i'm part of a group of (7) people who have to perform a 5 minute skit in a few weeks. we are responsible for making our own costumes and creating original material, except for the traditional greek christmas song which we must sing. have you ever tried to research this? seemed simple enough... go to youtube or google and search "greek christmas songs" right? wrong. i can find songs and video, but no translation... i can't tell what on earth they're saying, it's all mumbled and jumbled and bumbled and bambled! then when i find the transaltion from greek to english, it's spelled in greek, like the fraternity kine letters! how do you pronounce those symbols? i'm all like, whuuut?

now i'm thinking we should just fake it. did i mention we're competing against 11 other groups who are assigned different cultures/languages? are the judges really gonna know or do the legwork to find out the legitamacy of what we're singing?

fake or no fake?

Friday, November 13, 2009

the 19 year-old (in)security guard

i work at a hotel and at night we have one security guard who patrols several hotels. our newest guard, i don't even know his name, is in the building patrolling as i type. earlier this evening, in a very one-sided conversation, he explained to me his workout schedule, how he spent last nights shift "macking on" 3 australian chicks who said he was "so smooth", how pleasantly surprised he is that since being employed (3 weeks) as a security guard its lead to him being laid once "with more to come", and how he got drunk 2 nights ago and got kicked out of denny's.

muscles, macking, oofing, and drinking. maybe these stories are made up, maybe they aren't, but is it really appropriate to tell them to a stranger? i guess it is if you're insecure about yourself and think that these "accomplishments" will gain you some sort of wink-and-nod, invisible, man-pat-on-the-back. i'm not sure if there are any other circumstances under which it would be appropriate. maybe thats how 19 year-old dudes act these days. maybe its how they've always acted. in which case i'm old an out of touch, which isn't a bad feeling actually.

either way you slice it when the cookie is crubmling, this is like, my most favest blog title, like, ever.

mos def dropping a bit o' knowledge

this video posting is really not that hard. it makes me feel smart, which makes me feel dumb. anyway how can you not be a fan of this guy? see the whole shebang at

Sunday, November 8, 2009

metal mulisha: ronnie faisst

this is my first attempt at uploading video to this blog. did it work?

anyway ronnie faisst is a member of the metal mulisha, a small group of moto x riders who built a reputation on being over the top a-hole badasses. when i used to watch the x games i thought these guys were the worst. brian deegan ("the leader")eventually even started a brand out of it. due to circumstances larger than themselves they are now christian and God is turning the negative into a positive. go to to see the whole episode.

God is real.