Tuesday, June 30, 2009


as a younger man i didn't think i 'd have kids until i was in my forties. not because i wasn't a fan of children, but because i assumed i wouldn't be mature enough to handle child-raising until then. it was a logical yet totally illogical. so far the fun has outweighed the headaches, but stay tuned for the teen-years blog. be warned, if you're gonna have 'em, please (do the world a favor) be married and stay married.

tree of um

finally, a photo. was it worth the wait? sorry bout the lag, it was so frustrating trying to load pics that i said, "i'm over this!" but now i'm un-over it, i guess. so yeah, enjoy... i'll try to do this more often.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Negativity: It's Contagious

this blog is about the complaining - the worst aspect of negativity. at work, a lady's toilet overflows so i send someone to fix it and another person to clean it. they do their jobs to her satisfaction but complains the whole time and even after the cleanup is comlpeted. the guy who cleaned it up reports to me (mind you this is an older gentleman who is honestly one of the nicest perople i know) and complains about her. i assure him that it is not his fault, that she is a "complainer" who has already complained about other issues and who, i suspect at this point, actually enjoys complaining. she caused an accident, we cleaned it up - end of story. but he continues, in his upsetness, to complain and complain very animatedly. it was so out of character for him, its like her kooties jumped on him. or more like her bad vibes and spirit jumped in him because it was coming from the inside, out.

watch out for those complainers, man, watch out.