Saturday, May 30, 2009

trav says:

Hey Vajayjay

Hows the Hilo family doing? Hope the trip was fun!  Sorry took so long to reply, I just got internet yesterday.

L.A. is alright.  I thought it was going to be a bit of a culture shock but it's not that much different than Hawaii
However, there seems to be an abundance or surplus of Mexicans here, Diga me! muy bien!  Warren and Pisha were like why are there so many of them just hanging outside of Home Depot.

I just checked out your blog, its an eye grabber.

Hugs and Kisses!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the movie critic

what i hate about movies... or maybe the way i watch movies, is how one hint if incredibility can ruin the whole movie for me. i saw batman begins on dvd last night. its pretty good. not as good as the dark knight mainly because heath ledger isn't in it, but whatever. so here's my beef, let me know if i'm being to critical...

bruce wayne meets lucious fox and "borrows" a prototype chest armor thing that is bullet proof and yada yada yada. in the train/subway scene, rachel accidentally tasers batman but its rendered useless because, of course, hes wearing the armor. later in the movie, batman gets into an obligatory fist fight with the scarecrow, who is not a superhero at all mind you, hes a nerd basically, who invented a neurotoxin-hallucinogen gas thing. anyway in the fight, batman is affected by body blows. he grunts and flops around like a stomach punch from a nerd really hurts even though hes wearing the armor. huh?

Hilo ramblings: part 1

spent 5 days there, just got back on tuesday morning... nice trip. voggy as hell. on the one day where the sky was blue we went to the beach - onekahakaha for those who know. hadn't been there since i was like 5 years old. crowded... i mean it was packed! couldn't help thinking about how much of the water was actually sea water if you know what i mean. wanted to take photos, but camera, no batteries. what i noticed was that on the surface, in passing, casually, hiloans are really friendly people. smiles everywhere, not like honolulu. i say "on the surface" because i know that hilo can be, for lack of a more tactful word, scandalous. in line at ross', the lady in front of me was telling the ladies in front of her about her divorce - her husband "fooled around" and "wanted out." right there in a discount department store, no shame, so casual. another thing i noticed was that i was drawn to move back there. one thing that worries me about doing that, more than a job, or the vog, or the rain, or the lack of family entertainment venues, is getting "caught up." it's weird. this is not the diary-like blog i had intended. kaleb loves it there and wants to move. i asked him why and he said, "because i can play outside all day." true. makiki living is not conducive to outdoor activities. he actually learned to ride a bike... at 10 years old!

here are some of the main reasons i'd like to move back:
1. we have land to build a house.
2. i'd love to see my brother and sister grow up, participate in their lives a little.
3. the grandparents are getting older and i'd like to spend as much time with them as possible.
4. so kaleb can play outside all day.

one more thing i noticed is not just that everyone in hilo has a nice big yard, by honozoolu standards, but that 99% of the yards are well-groomed and nicely landscaped. my theory is that 1. people actually take pride in their property and 2. the pace of life is such that one can maintain a large property without feeling rushed or stressed or feel the need to procrastinate because of some other, more pressing issue.

maybe it's this pace that causes/affects both handsome properties AND the movie-worthy scandals. hmm.

oh let me tell you about my boy seth. this kid is a soldier. he's a warrior. a champ. or maybe he has no pain receptors. the night we arrive(thursday), he's off playing in my sister's room and messes with a mirror... those sorta full length ones that get mounted on walls. apparently this ones not so well-mounted and it crashes onto his face. i guess the frame of it bashed his mouth and caused his teeth to gash open his inner lip. it was bad. i had to stop myself from panicking. but as soon as we got the bleeding to stop he was fine. the next morning we woke up and looked at it and it was worse-looking aka gross. the gash was full of white stuff and it was more swollen... we took him to the hospital it was so bad-looking. but the docs said they don't stitch anything inside the mouth and so all we could to was montior it, wash it out with salt water a few times a day and so we did. you would think that salt water would sting an open wound like that, but seth was more irritated by the taste than anything. soldier. by monday, just 4 days later, when we asked to check it, he wouldn't let us. he insisted that it was "all pau, daddy." warrior. today, not even a week later, it looks like a coldsore. thats it. done. now i cannot fail to mention God in all of this. sethie handled the pain, but we prayed and prayed for his healing - a quick recovery and no infections... the mouth can be a dirty place. anyway i can't explain it. i've been stitched up many times and even with the stitches it's taken longer to heal than a week. if the cut was on his forehead he would've definitely needed stitches. so thank God that everything worked out and for blessing us with such an awesome little bugger who takes a lot of the stress out of child-raising. for visual reference, see the "sayonara" entry, hes the brown haired one (2.5 years old).

this is long, i'll stop now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CRIBS: the hilo house

the lanai
the backyard
the front yard
the side yard

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


travis asada has left the building. last friday he moved to LA to work on building an animation portfolio. aloha, trav!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your ind, that ye may prove waht is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2


thass rye, izz hilotime. gonna go dea fo de figh day. see de famlee. gonna poota de pickcha onna heea wenna getta back home.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

... "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." - Jesus

2 Corinthians 12:9


ever hear people say this?

wheres the atm machine?

baseball player x had 2 rbi's

it's 9pm at night.


uncomon sense

a man experiences chest pain and blurred vision so he goes to the hospital.

diagnosis: clogged arteries.
treatment: angioplasty.
recovery: 2 months off of work, low-cholesterol diet, rest

after one month he visits his doctor, who tells him that his recovery is going well and that, "he can do whatever he wants now." when the man gets home from seeing the doc, he straps on some shoes and goes jogging. he jogs until he's winded, then stops to rest. then he runs some more until he needs more rest. by the time he gets home from his little run his vision is blurry and he can barely bend over to untie his shoes. oh, did i mention that prior to his angioplasty his level of exercise was... none/zero.

i wish this story wasn't true.

in stitches

"he looked like a drug addict with a new computer program." - preacher chris harvey on ron takashima's behavior after realizing that he had squished mr. harvey's fingers in the car window.

chris harvey is an aussie preacher living in texas and is on oahu this weekend speaking at our church. he is ridiculous. he roasted uncle ron about this incident for 10-15 minutes non-stop... in church! i was cry-laughing. i saw aunty debbie massaging her jaw in between one-liners.

Friday, May 15, 2009

scripture(s) o' the day

... but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope

Romans 5: 3-4

reverse stupidity

i am asian. 75% japanese, 25% chinese... supposedly. recently there have been some unfounded disputations to my blood quantum that have caused me to question my own complete asian-ness. i say all this, to say this: what really chaffs my scrotizzums is when asian people, japanese-americans particularly, from california more specifically, mispronounce their own names!

scenario: me - hotel worker (front desk). lady (white) approaches and says "cannamine." i assume this is her last name and i also assume it is italian-ish. i look through the registration cards... no dice. her husband appears beside her and i realize whats going on. he is hapa. his last name is kanamine.

what goes through my mind: okay... does he just let her say it like that? does he say it like that? does he know that she says it like that? maybe where she's from it's easier to just say it like that because mainlanders are ethnically clueless.

by trying to help me, she actually didn't help me.

Friday, May 8, 2009


i've been pondering 2 things/issues independently and came to realize that both involve kanye west and american idol. what that says about me i'm not quite sure but it is what it is. the connection, i'm sure, would never have been made without the invention of the blog. these issues, which will be revealed shortly, have been thorns in my brain and i would think to myself, if i had a blog i'd friggin blog about that. and if i had a blog i'd friggin blog about that too!. anyway, without further ado-doo...

issue 1: black men x skinny jeans
i don't get this collabo. chris brown popped my bm x sj cherry when i saw him on tv at some awards show. he was rockin a black pair. then i witnessed kanyes urban cowboy all demin get-up when he performed on american idol. i get that skinny jeans are "in". and i get that men in the rap/r&b music industry (many of whom are black) are... "gangster-ish" or "urban" or "from the inner city". whatever. what i don't get is why (especially these guys) they'd try to chase of follow the fad, but hold on to their pants-saggin' persona. if you're gonna rock the sj's you gotta wear em right. saggin' the sj's look plain ridiculous. the point could be made that their butts are too big. or too high. both good points, but then again, no man with a big/high butt should be wearing skinny jeans!

issue 2: the neo zapp & roger genre
what on earth is going on? t-pain blew it up. then kanye. now jaime foxx? we've really dumbed down as a nation when kids buy crap/music that isn't even the person's real voice. i get that t-pain had his run. and i get that kanye can't sing. but jaime foxx? jaime foxx!!? again, i was watching american idol when i heard him singing his new release... i guess its a song about alcohol. i kept thinking that electronic crap was gonna cut off at some point, but it never did. i was amazed. i sat there thinking this guy is supposed to be a genius, right? the acting, the piano stuff, the singing. this dude can really sing. who told him this was a good idea and why did he listen? and why is he singing about alcohol? is he singing about alcohol? whats he saying? its like if eminem started rapping like fred durst or kid rock just because rap-rock was "in".

maybe what bothers me is the sellout-ness of it all. and if you wanna know who's gonna win second place in this years american idol, its adam lambert. the last two years the person i picked to win came in second. so there.