Friday, September 18, 2009

birds of a feather...

sometimes i wish i had a camera. then i could capture some photos and post them here like every other blogger. the reason why i say this is because a few days ago within two minutes of each other i saw... let me explain.

two girls: dyed black hair, large framed shades, tatoos on their arms, tank tops, shorts and slippers. i assume that they were friends because their faces didn't look alike.

then 2 minutes later

two guys (i'm pretty sure these guys were a gay couple): crew cuts, same style facial hair, same color hair, same muscular build, tight tanktops, short athletic shorts, sneakers.

it made me think... are people attracted to other people romantically or not because we assume that fashion is an extension of ourselves OR do we tend to move in the same fashion direction as our friends as a consequence of our romantic/platonic growth? its probably none and i'm just overthinking this way to hard.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

kenzil edwards...

... is a great human. he has great rants. here's one:

rant 1: "degeneration"
he suggests that society has degenerated to epic... or unepic proportions based on his observation of spinoff reality tv shows. in particular, vh1's triple spinoff. flava flav gets on the celebrity d-list version of the real world. he gets a spinoff dating show. the runner-up in that show gets a spinoff of her own with the exact same premise. in her show the two finalists get their own spinoff with the exact same premise and is currently on vh1. according to him, with each successive spinoff, the ghettoness has increased to the point where he considers it unwatchable. please note that he is a black man and that all main "characters" in these programs are also black. it embarrasses him.

rant 2: "violence induced amnesia?"
chris brown was recently on larry king live, where he declared that he doesn't remember "savagely beating rihanna." kenzil suggests several reasons for this: 1) he was so into it, so enraged that he blacked out. 2) he doesn't agree with the adjective, "savage". 3) he's lying. these are all not good for mr. brown. kenzil also was embarrassed for brown because he brought his mom on the show and she ended up crying a lot. kenzil thinks it's inevitable that chris brown will be torn to shreds by comedians for a long time. as a black man, kenzil is embarrassed.

modern day parable: opinion vs truth

due to frivilous spending a woman racks up $50,000 in credit card debts. a wealthy man finds out about this debt through a mutual friend and writes the woman, whom he has never met, a check for $50,000. the friend tells the woman about the man and hands her the check. although she has the check with the man's name printed on it, and their mutual friend is as trustworthy as can be, the woman never cashes the check because she doesn't believe that a stranger would really do something that nice for her. she tucks the check away and convinces herself that this never happened.

the same is that of those who refuse the salvation of Jesus Christ. just because i don't believe someone did something for me doesn't make it untrue.

faith vs insanity

is it crazy to believe in a God you can't "see" or is it crazy not to?

notepad vs memory

i need a notepad... or three. i get these great ideas for blogs, then i forget them. it's frustrating. is it old age? is my life that busy that i can't remember interesting yet unimportant information? i need a notepad.