Thursday, October 29, 2009

seth is 3

sethie lee turned 3 on sept. 30, 2009. here he is with his lightning mcqueen bday cake.

cardio shmardio

anybody watch TUF 10?

why can't these guys last 2 rounds? they all talk smack before the match and by the end of the fight they can't even stand up straight. 10 minutes of exertion can be taxing, but if this is your career, what the fooschnickens are you doing?

i rarely watch this show but tonight the hawaii guy was fighting and spike hyped it as the fight of the season so i tuned in. they punched each other pretty good but it was because they were both too tired to protect their faces with their arms/hands. i've seen more skills at a bar fight.

and hawaii man lost! so sad. i pau watch.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

where the wild things are: the review

my wife and i decided to take kaleb (10 years old) to see this thing today. while we were in the parking lot of the theatre looking for parking, kammy mentioned how long it had been since we forked out the cashola to actually see a real movie. at an actual theatre. priorities change when you start having kids.

so you've all heard the hype about spike jonze and the controversy about this film, the rave reviews by ctitics, the un-rave reviews by lay-parents, the beautiful cinematography, this that and the other thing... well for me... it was... confusing. not so much the movie itself as far as plot/story line, although it was a bit open-ended, but emotionally. i think it was confusing because its not what is expected (formulaically)... which is why i think people don't like it and why the studio didn't want to release the original version. the people who don't like it don't like it because they don't get it. they want a traditional movie experience. art farts will pretend to get it, but is there anything to "get" really? besides the huge risk jonze took and the huger risk the studio took? i think they did a great job marketing this thing though. building the hype, creating mystery and controversy so that people became so friggin curious about this enigmatic, cinematic "masterpiece" that they'd fork out their hard earned dough and have conversations in parking lots about the last time they'd seen the inside of a movie theatre.

after the "experience" we (the adults) were left scratching our heads while young kaleb blurted, "i liked it," oh so nonchalantly.

Friday, October 16, 2009

christian hosoi

i just watched "rising son" a documentary movie about the life of pro skater chrisitan hosoi. it was great. rent it, buy it, do what you gotta do... it's on netflix' s "watch now" list so you can just peep it on your computer.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the meltdown

last night i played in a basketball league with a couple guys i know and a couple strangers. it was horrible. we were up by 20 or so at one point and ended up losing on a three pointer with 6 seconds left and no timeouts while the other team only had 4 players on the floor because two guys fouled out. it was a culmination of mental, situational, and strategical mistakes on our part coupled with a great execution of strategy by our opposition that caused the meltdown. lack of aggression and the inability to adapt our style of play was our downfall. it was my frustration and overcompensatory aggression that messed us up even more. i'm still mad.


men should not wear spandex unless as an undergarment. why is it necessary to wear that stuff to work out? to walk on a stairmaster or treadmill? no wind resistance there. fashion? yikes. chaffing? c'mon.